Organic Fortified Pear Wine

The Austrian Mostviertel does not bear his name by chance: Here, located at the foothills of the Alps southwest of the Waldviertel and Weinviertel, Most is treated as a cultural good. And while apple is the predominant fruit in most of the Most regions, it is the pear in the Mostviertel. The region is characterized by orchards, which produce more than 300 types of pear, about 20 pear varieties are used for must production.

One of them is the so called “Speckbirne”, which owes its name to the sheen of its shell. Its high sugar content with low acidity and low tannin make it ideal for processing in juice or spirits. The must obtained from it is very mild, but its alcohol content is one of the most alcoholic of all cider pears. Organic distiller Josef Farthofer orients himself by his SPECKBIRNE 302 at the Pineau de Charentes and stops the fermentation of his pear must by adding pear brandy. In this way, the natural sweetness is preserved, there is no addition of sugar. With an alcohol content of 18.2% Vol., the must sprung with pear brandy is stored in steel tanks.

Serving temperature 5 ° – 8 ° C


Pear | Vanilla | Caramelized Citrus Fruits | Honey


Pear | Plum | Toffee | Caramelized Citrus


Vanilla | Honey | Almond

  • Vegan
  • Maceration
  • Fermentation by Freimeister
  • Pot still
  • Fractionating column
  • Barrel aging





Must of Pears (Speckbirne) | Pear Eau-de-Vie (Speckbirne)

Preparation Josef Farthofer is an organic farmer who has set up a self-sufficient production cycle, from cultivation and harvesting to maceration, distillation and maturation. With the SPECKBIRNE 302 he interprets Pineau des Charentes, the fortified wine popular in the eponymous French départements Charente and Charente-Maritime. While grape must is mixed with cognac, pear must is the basis in the Mostviertel. These are harvested by "Mostbaron" Josef Farthofer by hand and gently pressed. The juice is fermented, the fermentation later deliberately stopped by the addition of in-house organic cider pear distillate. The SPECKBIRNE 302 then matures in a steel tank and is bottled unfiltered, so it comes natural and amber in the bottle. The fortified wine is slightly viscous and is ideally drunk cold or on ice. Especially as a digestif with cheese - especially blue cheese - it is a perfect pairing.
Oed, Mostviertel
  • Josef Farthofer

    Distiller | Mostviertel, Lower Austria

    Josef is an organic farmer as well as a passionate organic distiller. His experimentation and creativity continuously result in new, unusual products. In 2015 his O-Gin was awarded gold at the Craft Spirits Awards. Thanks to an initiative of  Oliver Ebert he’s developing a coffee spirit in cooperation with coffee pioneer Ralf Rüller of “The Barn”. Furthermore, Freimeisterkollektiv will benefit from Josef’s expertise in the area of vodka: he has also committed himself to create a vodka specifically for the Freimeisterkollektiv.