Coffee Spirit Drink

Together Suisse distiller Lorenz Humbel and specialty coffee pioneer Ralf Rüller from The Barn Coffee Roasters Berlin worked on re-defining this traditional Suisse coffee specialty. Originally Kafi Luz is a mix of filter coffee and a spirit.

COLD BREW KAFI LUZ 507 is a contemporary interpretation made with a single estate coffee from Mohamed Ali’s farm in Ethiopia. COLD BREW KAFI LUZ 507 is best served ice cold or shaken over ice. An alpine specialty inspired by the Espresso Martini, well-balanced, and using only the finest ingredients, making its famous precursor seem outdated.


fruity | caramel | nutty


maple | strawberry | bell pepper | toffee


plum | bitter chocolate

  • Vegan
  • Maceration
  • Fermentation by Freimeister
  • Pot still
  • Fractionating column
  • Barrel aging





Coffee (Mohamed Ali) | "Pflümli" Plum eau-de-Vie | Coffee distillat | Water | Sugar | Vanilla macerate

Preparation For the COLD BREW KAFI LUZ 507, we have selected coffee grown in Ethiopia. Mustafa Mohamed Ali runs a coffee farm in the Jimma region alongside his brother. The farm, situated at an altitude of 2050 meters, is certified organic. Since 2018, they have established an exclusive partnership with The Barn Coffee Roasters in Berlin.

The coffee beans are processed using a natural process that has been practiced for centuries in Ethiopia. Ripe coffee cherries are picked and then dried in the warmth of the Ethiopian sun. The challenge in natural processing is achieving consistent quality. After picking, the coffee cherries are meticulously sorted before being laid out on raised beds for 18-23 days. Mustafa's employees carefully turn the drying coffee to ensure even drying. Throughout this process, the beans are repeatedly sorted to eliminate any off-flavors. This pure quality of Mohamed Ali Natural is an expression of the Ethiopian terroir.

In Berlin, Ralf Rüller and his team gently roast the beans. The quality of the coffee beans and the precise roasting reveal aromas of ripe strawberries, peach blossoms, and stone fruit. A juicy, fruity profile with a mild acidity and a delicious chocolaty sweetness form the perfect blend for our reinterpretation of Kafi Luz.

The ground Mohamed Ali Natural coffee is macerated in cold water for 24 hours. After filtering, the cold brew is blended with coffee spirit and Pflümli, a plum eau de vie from Swiss distiller Lorenz Humbel. The COLD BREW KAFI LUZ 507 is rounded off with sugar and a maceration of organic bourbon vanilla. With these exquisite ingredients, a traditional blended coffee drink with a somewhat questionable reputation is elevated to a whole new level of quality.

The best way to serve COLD BREW KAFI LUZ 507 is to shake it in a cocktail shaker with ice and then pour it into a cocktail glass using a strainer.
Berlin | Deutschland – Stetten | Schweiz – Jimma | Äthiopien
  • Lorenz Humbel

    Distiller | Stetten, Aargau, Switzerland

    Lorenz’s grandfather, Max Humbel, founded the distillery in Stetten in the canton of Aargau in 1918 as a supplement to his farming business, when he – like many Swiss farmers of the time – found himself in dire straits. When Lorenz Humbel took over the distillery from his father, the Swiss spirits market had just been liberalized. Until then, 80 percent of the distilled spirits consumed in Switzerland came from within the country. In the meantime, the ratio has reversed. The traditional distillery had to respond to this change. Humbel made the right decision by focusing on cherry eau-de-vie. He consistently focused on quality and expanded his range of certified organic spirits. While searching for suitable cherries, he came across a book from 1937 entitled Die Kirschsorten der deutschen Schweiz (The Cherry Varieties of the German-speaking part of Switzerland). In it, the author and botanist Dr. Fritz Kobel classified over 300 different cherry varieties. Inspired by this publication, Lorenz Humbel began distilling single-variety cherry brandies in 1995. Today, Humbel has already mashed and distilled well over 20 different cherry varieties, and is still searching for cherries that expand the aroma spectrum of his outstanding brandies.

  • Ralf Rüller

    Coffee Roaster | Berlin, Germany

    Ralf Rüller worked in finance and as an actor before founding the visionary coffee roastery The Barn in Berlin and becoming one of the pioneers of the Third Wave of Coffee. After training with the renowned coffee experts at Square Mile in London and Tim Wendelboe in Oslo, he developed his purist concept based on Nordic tradition.

    He sources his coffee beans directly from small farmers and cooperatives. Rüller roasts in small batches, gently at low temperatures of around 170 degrees to 200 degrees Celsius. In this way, he optimally emphasizes the respective character of the coffee beans (bouquet, aroma, sweetness, acidity, mouthfeel, aftertaste, balance, purity).