Catherine Roque

Winemaker Faugères, France

Architect Catherine Roque started a new life in 1985 when she renovated an old “mas” (South French farm) that included a few hectares of vineyards. She created a winery and from the beginning she was involved in the recreation of an identity for wines from the Languedoc.

Inspired by organic and biodynamic farming, Catherine follows her own philosophy: planting trees in the vineyard, sowing chickpeas and letting the grass grow between the vines. She is particularly fond of the Faugères slate soil which, as an architect, fascinates her not only for its mineral expression in the wine but also for its pointed, cutting and straight shapes. For many years she has practiced natural vinification, that is, without any additive or adjuvant.

“Vin Libre”, as natural wine is also called, is completely in line with Catherine: accompany, do not force anything, support the free expression and take the freedom to do things differently.

She has a special love for Fine Faugères, which she calls the “spirit of Faugères”. She reserves a single-varietal Carignan wine for it every year, if possible, and lets the distillate age in barrels for a long time.