Anton Petrov

Distiller Berlin & Kyiv, Ukraine

Anton Petrov is a distiller from Kyiv who has worked for the Freimeisterkollektiv since fleeing his homeland. His passion for handcrafted distillates led him to distilling via detours. He gave up training as an aeronautical engineer in favour of a career as a journalist. For more than fifteen years, Anton worked as a journalist, editor, and media manager. Finally, he turned his hobby into a profession. He made a small family business out of the production of liqueurs and distillates, to which he had previously devoted his free time. Anton’s handcrafted drinks were popular in Ukraine among connoisseurs of good alcohol and unusual tastes.

All that ended abruptly in February 2022 after the Russian attack on Ukraine. Anton and his family had to leave their homeland. Their flight through Europe finally ended in Berlin, where Anton became part of our collective.