Birgitta Rust

Distiller Bremen

Northern Germany in general and the Hanseatic city of Bremen in particular are not immediately associated with excellent fruit brandies. Birgitta Rust is determined to change that. She has turned her passion for flavors and good craft into a profession.

The distiller received her training in southern Germany, Austria and South Tyrol.
She successfully completed an apprenticeship at the Bayrische Landesanstalt für Wein- und Gartenbau in Veitshöchheim. Through internships with the best of the guild Birgitta Rust expanded her knowledge and craftsmanship. She is one of the very few women among the best of this male-dominated craft.

In Bremen, she has not only been distilling fruit from southern German farmers since 2011, but also produces distillates from Nordic wild fruits such as blackthorn, rose hip or sea buckthorn.

Single Malt Whiskey and Dry Gin are now also part of their range of high-quality spirits.