40 ml – GIN 206 • London dry gin
60 ml – RHABARBER 960 • rhubarb liqueur
30 ml – AMARO 212 • harbal bitter
garnish – rosemary sprig

In our FMK RHUBARB NEGRONI, the sweet vermouth is replaced by rhubarb liqueur. Although the traditional Negroni recipe requires three equal parts, we’ve increased the amount of rhubarb and dialed back on the amaro. As a result, the rhubarb flavor is in the foreground while the other two flavors still add complexity to the drink.

We’re pretty sure that Count Camillo Negroni would have appreciated our alteration to his recipe. In fact, we’re more certain about this than we are about the question of if he was even a count at all.

If you prefer a slightly drier version with fruity notes and light bitter aromas, we suggest that you replace the AMARO 212 with WERMUT EXTRA TROCKEN 015.