London Dry Gin

This London Dry Gin was produced in a unique collaboration between Thomas Neubert and Oliver Ebert. It combines the aromas of orange blossom and orange zest with ginger, bergamot, coriander, cardamom, and lavender. Thomas made the conscious decision to limit the botanicals to ten, which harmonize perfectly for the Freimeister gin.

Tasting neat reveals this spirit to be a new interpretation of the classic gin, in which each of the botanical elements are there to serve gin’s true master, the juniper berry.


Juniper | Citrus | Coriander


Juniper | Violet root | Lavender | Cardamom | Orange | Bergamot


Lemon | Ginger

  • Vegan
  • Maceration
  • Fermentation by Freimeister
  • Pot still
  • Fractionating column
  • Barrel aging





Neutral grain spirit | Water | Coriander | Bergamot | Orange peel | Lemon peel | Cardamom | Orange blossom | Lavender blossom | Violet root | Ginger | Juniper berry

Preparation Thomas Neubert adjusts the neutral alcohol to just 45% volume, to prevent the botanicals from releasing any unwanted resins. He then heats the macerate to approximately 50 degrees Celsius for around 12 hours. Through this maceration process, he very precisely extracts the botanical ingredients which will lead to the perfect aromatic result. The resultant macerate is then distilled very gently in a 150 liter CARL spirit system. The column with booster trays is installed directly over the helm. In order to preserve as much of the precious botanical aromas as possible, Thomas uses only one booster tray for gin distillation. The gin distillate has a strength of 86% volume. If the alcohol component drops to 75% during distillation, Thomas separates the middle run from the tails. The distillate is then purified through depth filter sheets (K-100/K-200). Thomas Neubert refrains from the typical cold filtration as that process would lead to a loss of valuable aromas. As a trade-off, he is happy to accept the possible cloudiness (slight ouzo effect) that may appear when ice cubes or tonic are added.
Boldekow, Vorpommern
  • Thomas Neubert

    Distiller | Bodekow, Western Pomerania

    Thomas Neubert is a skilled distiller. Before he dedicated himself to the trade side of distillation at the small Schloss Zinzow estate distillery, he worked in the aroma industry. Zinzow in Vorpommern is a tiny town in the municipality of Boldekow with a total population of 668.

    Thomas Neubert produces fruit brandies, spirits, gin, and liqueurs in his landmark protected distillery. This gin that was awarded with gold at the craft spirits festival DESTILLE BERLIN.

  • Oliver Ebert

    Bar Owner | Berlin, Germany

    In 2004 Oliver, a studied philosopher and literary scholar, bid adieu to the world of theatre to open a bar in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. Today “Beckett’s Kopf” is considered one of the country’s best bars and, in 2013, Oliver was named the Mixologist of the Year. He supports the Freimeisterkollektiv with his specialized knowledge and creative impetus. Oliver supported Thomas Neubert in the development of his GIN 206. Thanks to his initiative, Josef Farthofer and Ralf Rüller have come forward with a coffee spirit from two different coffee varieties.