Liisa Luhaste

Distiller Moe, Estonia

Liisa Luhaste has a degree in chemistry. Her research for her master’s thesis brought her to Rakvere Distillery, where she initially focused on the quality control of fermentation processes.

Her knowledge of fermentation and yeast and their control and management soon made her irreplaceable for the distillery. When Sven Ivanov took over this distillery next to the distillery in Moe, she became the manager and responsible for the operation. When Sven passed away unexpectedly in 2020, Liisa also took over the management of the distillery in Moe. As part of the restructuring, the entire alcohol production was moved to Moe, where Liisa designed and commissioned a completely new distillery.

Liisa continues Sven’s legacy with a focus on high-quality and primarily organic-certified distillates produced exclusively from local grains. Under her leadership, the sustainability of production has been further increased. Her scientific expertise has made it possible to further improve the outstanding quality of this traditional distillery and equip it with state-of-the-art distilling technology.