Sven Ivanov

Distiller Moe, Estonia

He is a charming but restlessly driven man and the most sincere perfectionist. Sven Ivanov started his career without any intention to ever take over as the master distiller and owner the last, remaining distillery of Estonia. After training for logistics and warehouse technology, he founded a transport company. In 2002, he switched to forestry and produced wood pellets. In 2009 he separated from his company and acquired the second oldest vodka distillery in the world. From then on, Sven was all about perfecting vodka. His goal was to distill the best organic ingredients from his region so perfect that filtration is no longer necessary. In this way he cultivated the Estonian spirit tradition and at the same time revived it in the best quality. But not only taste perfection is important to the self-made burner, in 2013 he founded a company that produces C02-neutral and sustainable energy for his distillery. So he can proudly claim: “We are a zero-waste company with no production residues, all our packaging material is recycled.”