Fritz-Martin Mozer

Fruit Grower and Distiller Hohenlohe

Since 1893, the Mozer family manages the Lerchenhof on a small hill between the Ohrntal and Pfedelbach, located amidst the orchards of the district of Hohenlohe in Baden-Württemberg. This location in the rolling hills allowed the Mozer family to specialize in the cultivation of apples, pears and berries. Fritz-Martin Mozer took over the distillery from his father and has been producing liqueurs for more than 20 years. He receives support from in the distillery from his wife Christine and son Konstantin. The Mozer family processes and distills only their own fruit. In addition to red and black currants as well as various apple and pear varieties, quince, sour cherry, mirabelle plum, prune or plum are also grown on the Lerchenhof.