RYE 094 | GIN 206 | WODKA SANGASTE 800

48,33EUR / l

Freimeisterkollektiv relies on the tradition of small, artisanal distilleries as well as on the experience of our bartenders and experts in their respective fields. Our driving force is the desire to experiment and collaborate. We develop modern interpretations of classics and offer unprecedented spirits while continuously seeking out new territories.




The FMK BASICS gives you the opportunity to try three fundamental spirits from our range at a special discounted price. It contains 200 ml each of the RYE 094 straight rye whiskey (48,2 % vol.), the  GIN 206 London dry gin (48 % vol.) and the WODKA SANGASTE 800 vodka (50% vol.). All three spirits are perfect for many classic as well as creative cocktails. And, of course, all three can and should also be enjoyed neat.


RYE 094

















NOSECereal | Hazelnut
TASTEVanilla | Dark Chocolate | Clove | Orange

FINISHBlack Currant | Black Pepper/div>

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GIN 206


















NOSEClear notes of juniper mingle with a citrusy freshness. Light hints of coriander and lavender.
TASTEAt first juniper dominates the palate, supported by violet root. Echoes of cardamom and coriander then make themselves known. Finally citrus fruits pop up: lemon | orange | bergamot.

FINISHThe ginger root’s subtle sharpness comes into its own during the finish./div>

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NOSEVery clear | minimal cereal notes
TASTEMild and clear | Light Fennel and Licorice notes | Citrus and Vanilla
FINISHNutmeg | Almond | Black Pepper

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