Franz Stauffenberg

Distiller Jettingen, Swabia

The tradition of distilling in the house of Stauffenbergs can be traced back to the middle of the 18th century. In 1748 Freiherr Johann Albrecht Schenk von Stauffenberg acquired the castle Jettingen together with an already existing distillery. Franz von Stauffenberg, on the other hand, is a classic autodidact. In 2008, he distilled his first fruit brandy, under the guidance of an old master distiller who was only familiar with plum brandy. Since Gin was his favorite drink, he soon brought a classic gin to the market, which is still made in small batches and by hand. With his constantly growing portfolio, Franz von Stauffenberg is today one of the few renowned distillers in Germany who distills on a historic 19th-century copper potstill that is heated with wood.