Potato Vodka


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nutty, floral


vegetable, dried fruit, apricot, potato


fruity, bitter


Nicola potato, yeast, water


(Deutsch) Was Peter Day in seiner Brennerei am Niederrhein macht, ist das genaue Gegenteil von Massenproduktion. NICOLA 044 ist eine sortenreiner Brand. Die stärkehaltige Maische aus regio- nalen Nicola-Kartoffeln wird direkt in der 150 Liter Brennblase verzu- ckert, vergoren und anschließend zweifach gebrannt. Das Ergebnis ist ein sehr aromareiches Destillat mit floralen und nussigen Noten sowie Anklängen von Aprikosen und Dörrobst.

Kempen, Niederrhein
  • Peter Day

    Distiller | Kempen, Niederrhein

    The Wackertappmühle, where Peter Day lives and works with his wife Käthe, has been in Kempen on the Lower Rhine since 1842. In 2017 he converted the mill’s old flour warehouse into a distillery. In doing so, Peter followed his passion for distilling. After 25 years of work in an advertising agency, “it’s wonderful to create things that are really important to you,” he says.

    In his 150 liter copper still, not only various types of fruit are distilled to fine eau-de-vies. He particularly enjoys distilling starchy substances such as spelt or single-origin potatoes similarly as fruit mash. By this process he ensures that the aromas are carefully enriched through slow heating and the lowest possible temperatures.

    “It is a real fulfillment to make a product that is then there for evaluation,” describes Peter his motivation. And this was rewarded many times. Among other things at the Craft Spirits Berlin Awards, where his sour cherry eau-de-vie was voted the best spirit of the year in 2018.