Turmeric Herbal Spirit

Georg Hiebl has developed a series of herbal spirits for the Freimeisterkollektiv. These act as a perfect tool for the serious, experienced bartender. His distillates boast an extremely intense taste that lend cocktails a complex flavor profile. A few simple dashes will redefine the classic G&T as well. Chefs and pastry chefs like to use this herb liquor to help refine their creations.


citrus-ginger-like, earthy


eucalyptus-like, bittersweet, balsamic


spicy, sweet, minty, slightly earthy


turmeric, wheat spirit, water (Curcuma longa)


The botanical (turmeric) is macerated in wheat spirit, then distilled and adjusted to drinking strength.

Reichhub, Mostviertel
  • Georg Hiebl

    Distiller | Mostviertel, Lower Austria

    Georg Hiebl comes from a family that has been farming in the Lower Austrian Mostviertel for generations. The over 300-year-old square farm lies between orchards and ancient pear trees.
    When Georg Hiebl took over agriculture from his father, he realigned the business, because in the age of industrialized agriculture he saw no future for a small business without specialization. The decision to expand the distillery was shaped by both a passionate interest in flavors and economic considerations. Since 1997 he has dedicated himself exclusively to the distillation of fine spirits.

    Spurred on by his first successes, he continuously deepened his knowledge of the secret of high-quality distillates and began to experiment with unusual varieties. After several years of experimentation, he quickly rose to become one of the best in his field. He has probably won more awards than anyone else in his guild. Georg Hiebl won the gold or silver medal six times for the overall rating at the Destillata . The IWSC in London named him Boutique Distiller of the Year in 2014.