White Dog875

Barley Malt Spirit

A whisk(e)y that has not yet gone through a year-long barrel aging process is called a White Dog aka Moonshine Whiskey. Barrel aging often serves to conceal any imperfections an inferior distillate might have.

Tim Eggenstein does things differently, he purifies the mash from husk and trellis to achieve a wort that is free from sensory adverse cellulose. This refined wort is distilled in a 500 liter still, during which he precisely separates the middle run.

The own, small malthouse allows Eggenstein to control the grain’s germination process and to control the sensory quality before the mash. The result is a spirit that is high in alcohol content, smells of fresh barley, and has mild malty, caramel notes.


Apricot aromas mixed with a hint of fresh white bread in the nose.


Caramel and grain aromas replace the intense fruit aromas of apple and apricot.


A long finish that is characterized by green apples and bitter almonds.

  • Wheat distillate

Simply said, Tim Eggenstein distills an unhopped beer for this White Dog. The barley is malted in his own malthouse.

The barley is soaked first, after that it germinates. This is when enzymes form within the grain. Germination is stopped by the kilning process via hot air. While drying his green malt, Tim Eggenstein deliberately refrains from roasting or peat aromas, these have nothing to do with his distillery’s regional characteristics.

After being dried, cleaned, and polished, the malted barley is crushed and water is added. The mash is then heated for six to seven hours and held in three stages: first at 62 degrees, then at 78 degrees, and finally at 80 degrees. During this process the starch splits into sugars. Enzymes do not have to be added to the mash at this stage, because they already formed during malting. The filtration of the mash separates the wort from the solids, such as husk and trellis. After this, whisky yeast is added to the non-cellulose wort and it is left to ferment at 23 degrees Celsius for one week. Because the temperature is controlled during fermentation, Tim Eggenstein is able to reduce the formation of negative alcohols, such as methanol and fusel oils.

Tim Eggenstein distills the fermented barley malt in a 500 liter copper still made by Arnold Holstein. In this sealing plant the alcoholic fumes are led from the blast furnace with helmet over the spirit pipe to a column with five booster bottoms, where precise separation takes place. He gains 30 liters of 80% vol. alcohol from 125kg of malt during one production. This malted barley spirit is adjusted to 58.5% and left to mature in a whiskey barrel. This mild liquor is also enjoyed as a White Dog after a few months of neutral storage.

Bad Belzig, Brandenburg
  • Tim Eggenstein

    Distiller | Bad Belzig

    Tim runs the family owned distillery Old Sandhill in Bad Belzig. The distillery has been in production, making its signature single malt whisky “Old Sandhill” since 2012. Tim is working on a “White Dog” for the Freimeisterkollektiv – a freshly distilled, unaged whiskey made from malted barley.