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Freimeisterkollektiv relies on the tradition of small, artisanal distilleries as well as on the experience of our bartenders and experts in their respective fields. Our driving force is the desire to experiment and collaborate. We develop modern interpretations of classics and offer unprecedented spirits while continuously seeking out new territories.



RYE 093 50 ml | WERMUT EXTRA TROCKEN 015 30 ml | BASLER LANGSTIELER, WILD 503 15 ml | Sugar Syrup 5 ml


Our take on the classical Brooklyn cocktail is not an “oddly accented Manhattan” as David Wondrich describes it in his book “Imbibe!”. The first recipe of this drink in “jack’s Manuel” from 1908 by Jacob “Jack” Grohusko uses sweet Italian vermouth because at that time experts felt dry French vermouth and whiskey mix poorly. Our interpretation of this classic mixes dry vermouth with rye whiskey and replaces Maraschino by a spontaneously fermented cherry eau-de-vie. We get a drink that is definitely drier as a Manhattan and more complex as a regular Brooklyn with Maraschino.


Get our FMK Brooklyn Taster to mix a distinct and contemporary version of the all-time classic Manhattan. With the taster at a special discounted price we will ship to you  a 200 ml bottle of  our RYE 093 Straight Rye Whiskey (48,2 % vol.), and of our WERMUT EXTRA TROCKEN 015 (19 % vol.) plus 50 ml of the BASLER LANGSTIELER, WILD 503 cherry eau-de-vie (45 % vol.).



RYE 093




Rüdiger Sasse is one of the pioneers responsible for a qualitative turnaround in Germany’s Kornbrand. His Straight Rye Whiskey quotes American tradition and reinterprets it with regional ingredients from Münsterland. With a high rye content of 80 percent, it achieves a very dry touch. Rüdiger dispenses corn which is used in most American rye whiskeys. And instead of the usual barley malt, which is often added to the mash with about ten percent to start the fermentation, Rüdiger takes to a rather unusual cereal. For saccharification he uses 20 percent oat malt. His rye whiskey is aged between five and eleven years, exclusively in barrels of American white oak, which were medium toasted. At the World Spirits Award competition 2018 the RYE 093 was awarded one of the rare double gold medals by the jury.

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Despite her 28 years of life, Lisa Bauerhas a wealth of international experience as a winemaker and distiller. With her dual experience and skill set she is the perfect Freimeister for an outstanding vermouth. Furthermore, she is based in a region known for cultivating Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains, the grape variety most favored in the old vermouth recipes. For her WERMUT EXTRA TROCKEN 015 Lisa uses a yellow Muscat wine made by a local winemaker and friend. She distills half of the wine in a vacuum pot still. This particularly rare and gentle distillation process is not the only special feature. Only a few manufacturers use a wine distillate of the same grape variety and harvest to sprinkle the wine. By using a distillate made from the same wine as the one that is fortified with it, the typical spicy aromas of the yellow Muscat grapes (Moscato Giallo) increase significantly. With 26.8 grams of sugar per liter, Lisa remains safely below the legal limit of 30 grams for the extra dry classification. As a key ingredient the WERMUT EXTRA TROCKEN 015 adds a distinct fruitiness and bitter note to the FMK Brooklyn. It can also be used creatively in many other recipes requiring a dry vermouth with noticeable fruitiness. Without doubt, it is also very enjoyable by itself.

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With Lorenz Humbel, the cherry guru from the canton of Aargau, we talked about the sensory significance of different yeasts for fruit brandies. The words “spontaneous fermentation” occurred several times. These words appear more frequently in the vocabulary of oenophile hipsters in recent years, but rarely in connection with spirits. What sounds new and exciting has been standard not so long ago. Nowadays, cultivated yeast is generally used in alcoholic fermentation. Fermentation is more stable, controlled and efficient. Unexpected results, as with some spontaneous fermentation, are largely avoided, but one loses differentiation and identity. Uniform taste is the result. Lorenz Humbel poured samples of his varietal cherry eau-de-vie, whose mash was fermented with different yeast strains. The varying complexity of taste depending on the yeast culture surprised. The distillate from the spontaneously fermented mash from the Basler Langstieler cherry put us in euphoria. It starts with a nose of berry notes, bitter almonds and pineapple followed by subtle chocolate, cinnamon and marzipan aromas including a slight sweetness. It finishes with strong aromas of cherry and bitter almond. The BASLER LANGSTIELER, WILD 503 adds a subtle, unique cherry note to the FMK Brooklyn, but is also a rare delight when enjoyed neat.

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