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A stroll through a Mediterranean orange grove, a bitter grapefruit with your English Breakfast: Florian Faude perfectly balances these contrasts in his Curaçao.

In the 16th century the Spanish cultivated oranges on the Caribbean island of Curaçao. However, these plantations were soon abandoned because the oranges did not tolerate the island’s soil or weather conditions. Left to their own devices, a subspecies of bitter orange came into being. These are known as Curaçao fruits or Laraha (citrus aurantium currassuviencis).

These wild, bitter orange’s peels have been used in Curaçao liqueur, also known as Triple Sec, since the 19th century. The blue color, often associated with today’s Curaçao, was added as a marketing gag much later.

Florian Faude though takes the path less traveled. He doesn’t just extract the different citrus’ peels, but distills each extract into each spirit. Only 20g of Demerara full-grain sugar is added to one liter of citrus spirit, which is clearly below liqueurs’s minimum quantity of 100g invert sugar per liter. This Curaçao is wonderful used as a dry Triple Sec for cocktail classics such as the Margarita, a Long Island Ice Tea, a Cosmopolitan or the Side Car. It is also extremely enjoyable an aperitif on ice, though we must warn you: it is often accompanied by spontaneous attacks of Mediterranean wanderlust.


Fresh notes of orange and grapefruit.


Sweet notes of orange and citrus.


Bitter orange and grapefruit.


Dried Curaçao peels, fresh bitter orange and grapefruit peels, Demerara cane sugar from La Réunion.


Florian Faude separately macerates dried Curaçao peels, fresh bitter orange peels, and fresh grapefruit peels in neutral alcohol. He distills each of the three extracts in a 150 liter still together with the peels. The three different citrus spirits are then mixed and for every liter of citrus spirit, 20g of Demerara full-grain sugar from La Réunion, the island located in the Indian Ocean, is added.

In order to develop its complete flavor, the spirit must rest for several weeks after filtration is completed.

Bötzingen, Kaiserstuhl
  • Florian Faude

    Distiller | Bötzingen, Kaiserstuhl

    Florian has produced his fantastic spirits, all of which contain only local fruits and vegetables, in Bützingen am Kaiserstuhl since 2006. Besides winning numerous medals at the “Destillata”, his delicacies have been very successful at the “Made in GSA” awards over the past few years.

    The ambitious distiller is producing a curaçao, a citrus spirit made from bitter oranges and grapefruit, for the Freimeisterkollektiv.