Coffee Spirit

Kochere Natural’s unique flavor stems from its “natural” production process, in which the coffee cherry is not removed during the drying process. This enables the coffee beans to fully absorb the pulp’s sweetness and the spiciness of the cherry skin.

Kochere Natural is full of citrus and tropical fruit notes, as well as bergamot and dry chocolate. Ralf Rüller emphasizes these aromas through a particularly gentle roasting process. Josef Farthofer distills this unique coffee into a coffee spirit that is surprising with its herbal, buttery notes and hints of cocoa and black tea.


Sweet, herbal notes mixed with blackberry.


Complex aromas, roasted cacao, light citrus notes


Long finish, cacao butter, melon


Kochere Natural coffee from one of the world's best coffee regions. Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia.


Kochere Natural is cultivated in the region that is generally known as the birthplace of coffee at 1.850-2.200 meters above sea level.

While the whole coffee cherry still surrounds the bean, Kochere Natural is dried on cloths made out of jute for 15 days. In order to avoid a fermented and foggy taste, it is important to only work with high-quality cherries that are dried in thin layers and regularly moved during the process. This is how the usual mold and irregular drying is avoided.

Josef Farthofer distills the neutral alcohol used for production from self-grown organic wheat. The coffee beans are ground, they are macerated in a fine wheat distillate for 10 days. After the extraction, a gentle distillation takes place in a copper still.

Öhling, Mostviertel, Österreich & Kochere, Äthiopien
  • Josef Farthofer

    Distiller | Mostviertel, Lower Austria

    Josef is an organic farmer as well as a passionate organic distiller. His experimentation and creativity continuously result in new, unusual products. In 2015 his O-Gin was awarded gold at the Craft Spirits Awards. Thanks to an initiative of  Oliver Ebert he’s developing a coffee spirit in cooperation with coffee pioneer Ralf Rüller of “The Barn”. Furthermore, Freimeisterkollektiv will benefit from Josef’s expertise in the area of vodka: he has also committed himself to create a vodka specifically for the Freimeisterkollektiv.

  • Ralf Rüller

    Coffee Roaster | Berlin

    Before Ralf founded Berlin’s visionary coffee roasting house “The Barn” he worked in finance and as an actor. He went on to study under some of the world’s most renowned coffee experts. From this experience, he developed his own minimalist concept, which is strongly inspired by the Nordic coffee tradition. Ralf is collaborating with Josef Farthofer and Oliver Ebert to produce a coffee spirit for the Freimeisterkollektiv.

  • Oliver Ebert

    Bar Owner | Berlin

    In 2004 Oliver, a studied philosopher and literary scholar, bid adieu to the world of theatre to open a bar in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. Today “Beckett’s Kopf” is considered one of the country’s best bars and, in 2013, Oliver was named the Mixologist of the Year. He supports the Freimeisterkollektiv with his specialized knowledge and creative impetus. Oliver supported Thomas Neubert in the development of his GIN 206. Thanks to his initiative, Josef Farthofer and Ralf Rüller have come forward with a coffee spirit from two different coffee varieties.