Muscat d'Alexandrie721

Eau de vie

Our spirits are all exclusively developed for the Freimeisterkollektiv, experienced bartenders and excellent restaurateurs are usually deeply involved in the development process. This wine brandy made from Muscat-d’Alexandrie grapes however, was produced long before the Freimeisterkollektiv was founded. This distillate has been stored for over 20 years and we’re proud to present it as a very special Freimeisterkollektiv limited edition.


Intense smell of ripe, fresh muscatel grapes with hints of melon and spice.


A flavor develops that's complex with notes of bergamot, raisin, melon, and rose as well as some spicy nutmeg.


Long, intense finish in which the muscatel grapes' full, aromatic character is allowed to develop.


Muscatel grapes (Muscat d’Alexandrie)


Twenty-four years ago, in 1993, Daniel Walter was told by a friendly fruit purveyor that a supply of ripe muscat grapes was at risk: a truck filled with the valuable produce had broken down close to the distillery and there was no chance the grapes would survive until the truck’s spare parts arrived.

After evaluating the wares, the experienced fruit distiller immediately knew what wonderful quality and perfect ripeness he was unexpectedly gifted with. He decided to spontaneously buy the fruit, separate the grapes and immediately went to mash them. Daniel Walter distilled the mash before distilling the raw spirit a second time. He was so impressed with the result that Walter refused to immediately bottle it. Because freshly distilled brandies often have a raw, scratching characteristic, he’s given this exceptional spirit the past few years to age in large stoneware jugs. The long storage time is reflected in the spirit’s flavor, because the presence of higher alcohols and organic acids results in an esterification or ester formation, which is responsible for the brandy’s mild and delicate taste.

The Muscat d’Alexandrie wine spirit developed so beautifully over the years that Daniel Walter kept on avoiding bottling it, knowing what kind of treasure he was storing. Upon visiting his cellar, we poured the spirit directly from the earthenware jug into our glass using a suction pipe and we immediately knew that this very special find had to become a limited Freimeisterkollektiv edition.

Oberkirch, Schwarzwald
  • Daniel Walter

    Distiller | Oberkirch, Black Forest

    Daniel Walter is the third generation to run the Höllberg distillery in the town of Oberkirch, located at the foot of the Black Forest. This sunny region in Mittelbaden has one of the highest densities of distilleries, to this day there are still more than 850 distillers located in and around city. The family-run business was founded in 1922, since then the Walter family has distilled the harvest from their own fruit trees and those of local farmers.

    After completing his chef training in numerous Michelin-starred restaurants, Daniel Walter trained to become a master distiller in 1988. He focusses on high-quality fruit brandy from local varieties, such as Bergpflaume (mountain plum), Zibärtle (Prunus domestica), Kirschwasser (cherry eau de vie) or mirabelle plum.