GIN 206 | UHUDLER 017 | AMARO 212

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Freimeisterkollektiv relies on the tradition of small, artisanal distilleries as well as on the experience of our bartenders and experts in their respective fields. Our driving force is the desire to experiment and collaborate. We develop modern interpretations of classics and offer unprecedented spirits while continuously seeking out new territories.



GIN 206 40 ml | AMARO 212 40 ml | WERMUT UHUDLER 017 40 ml | Orange Peel | Ice Cube


For the FMK Uhudler Negroni we follow the classic recipe, which is known to ask for gin, sweet vermouth and amaro in equal parts. Nevertheless, one immediately senses and tastes the difference to drinks based on mass produced spirits: The WERMUT UHUDLER 017 with its unmistakable wild strawberry aromas provides for a fruity-floral note, which is enhanced by the peach notes of the AMARO 212. With its herbal recipe the AMARO 212 also brings forward wonderful bitter aromas and deep complexity. All this is kept together and rounded off by the juniper-focused GIN 206 with its 48% vol.

We are sure that Count Camillo Negroni would have been quite enthusiastic about our take of his recipe. By the way, it is worth trying the WERMUT EXTRA DRY 015 instead of the WERMUT UHUDLER 017 for a slightly drier version of the drink. But this is another story…

The FMK Uhudler Negroni Taster puts you in a position to create this perfect aperitivo. The Taster at a special discounted price contains 200 ml each of the GIN 206 London Dry Gin (48 % vol.), the AMARO 212 herbal liqueur (28 % vol.) and the WERMUT UHUDLER 017 fortified wine (22 % vol.).



GIN 206





Thomas Neubert is a particularly skilled distiller and sensory expert. Before he dedicated himself to the trade side of distillation at the small Schloss Zinzow estate distillery, he worked in the aroma industry. He developed the GIN 206 in close collaboration with Oliver Ebert. His Berlin based bar “Beckett’s Kopf” is considered one of the country’s best bars. In 2013, Oliver was named the Mixologist of the Year and “Beckett’s Kopf” was awarded the “Farm-to-shaker”-Award of the year in 2018. Their GIN 206 combines the aroma of orange blossom and orange zest with those of ginger, bergamot, coriander, cardamom, and lavender blossoms. Thomas and Oliver made a conscious decision to limit themselves to ten botanicals which perfectly harmonize for the Freimeister gin. A neat tasting firmly establishes the spirit as a “New Western Style Gin”, a reinterpretation of the classic in which every botanical serves one king: gin’s true master – the juniper berry.

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Distiller Thomas Neubert and bartender Oliver Ebert chose to make their Amaro according to a “Aperitivo Bitter” recipe. The core bitter aromas of the AMARO 212 are made up from the gentian root (Gentiana lutea), wormwood (Artemisia absinthium L.), and cinchona bark (cinchonae cortex). These flavors are rounded off with cloves from the clove tree (Syzygium aromaticum) and cinnamon from the ceylon cinnamon tree (Cinnamomum verum), which make for a delicate finish. The aperitif is enriched by macerated, bitter orange peels and peach juice. This fruitiness combines well with the bitter aromas to form an extremely harmonious drink and offers the highest form of pleasure: neat or on ice. Likewise, this Amaro is the perfect ingredient for cocktails like the Negroni and is delightful when combined with sparkling wine.

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Forbidden fruits are said to taste sweeter and better. Uhudler, a unique wine grown in a small Austrian region between southern Burgenland and eastern Styria, was repeatedly subject to various prohibitions and restrictions. Even today, this wine, which is made from grapes, is only allowed because it is officially not considered wine, but as fruit wine.

From this regional and at times illegal specialty Lisa Bauer produces a vermouth for the Freimeisterkollektiv. Before she can distill, she presses a wine from the grapes. Lisa selects the botanicals she uses in order to bring forward the typical berry flavors of the uhudler. In addition to bitter wormwood and gentian root, liquorice root, lemon balm, orange and elderflower blossoms and lemongrass emphasize the fruity character of the Uhudler.

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