Lorenz Humbel

Distiller Stetten, Aargau, Switzerland

Lorenz’ grandfather Max Humbel founded the distillery in Stetten in the Swiss canton of Aargau in 1918 as a supplement to his agriculture when he – like many Swiss farmers of that time – was in dire straits. When Lorenz Humbel took over the commercial distillery from his father, the Swiss spirits market was just liberalized. By that time, 80 percent of the distillates consumed in Switzerland came from within Germany. Meanwhile, the relationship has reversed. The traditional distillery had to react to this change. With the focus on Kirschbrand (cherry eau-de-vie), Humbel made the right decision. He consistently focused on quality and expanded his range of certified organic spirits. In the search for suitable cherries, he came across a book from 1937 titled The cherry varieties of German Switzerland. The author and botanist Fritz Kobel classified over 300 different varieties of cherry. Enthusiastic and inspired by this publication, Lorenz Humbel started to distil varietal cherry brandies in 1995. Today Humbel has already mashed and distilled well over 20 different varieties of cherry, and continues to search for cherries that broaden the aroma spectrum of its outstanding brandies.