Lisa Bauer

Distiller, Winemaker Fehring, Styria

Lisa Bauer grew up in the Styrian volcanic region, the daughter of a family of winegrowers. Her family runs a small mixed farm here, along with a “Buschenschank” tavern for self-pressed wines and cold dishes, typical to this region.

She received her initial training at the College of Viticulture Silberberg in Styria and later graduated from the Federal College of Viticulture and Pomology in Klosterneuburg near Vienna with her A Levels and Bachelor degree. In addition to studying viticulture and oenology, Bauer has acquired extensive expertise in fruit processing, mashing and distillation. She was already familiar with distilling since childhood, when homegrown fruits of the family farm were distilled in a small 90-liter pot still.

As an intern at a Mallorcan wine estate, Bauer learned to make gin in the connected distillery. Following her apprenticeship, she took on a distiller job in a large distillery, wherein up to 2 million kilos of pears, plums and apricots were processed annually. In 2016, she worked at a winery in Casablanca, Chile and in a bodega in Argentina. There, she was involved in setting up the new distillery Casa Tapaus, which distilled the pomace of the winery for grappa, and was responsible for the development of the first gin.

At the end of 2016, Bauer returned to Austria and founded her own gin brand. She wants, as she emphasizes, “to distill opulent gins that stay in your memory. A lot of juniper and many botanicals are supposed to shape the complex taste pattern.”

Due to her excellent education and many years of experience, Lisa Bauer is already a true connoisseur of aromas and herbs. She creates recipes like a perfumer. In advance, she thinks exactly what aromas and drugs she needs for a perfect composition.

For the Freimeisterkollektiv Lisa Bauer developed her first vermouth.