Daniel Walter

Distiller Oberkirch, Black Forest

Daniel Walter is the third generation to run the Höllberg distillery in the town of Oberkirch, located at the foot of the Black Forest. This sunny region in Mittelbaden has one of the highest densities of distilleries, to this day there are still more than 850 distillers located in and around city. The family-run business was founded in 1922, since then the Walter family has distilled the harvest from their own fruit trees and those of local farmers.

After completing his chef training in numerous Michelin-starred restaurants, Daniel Walter trained to become a master distiller in 1988. He focusses on high-quality fruit brandy from local varieties, such as Bergpflaume (mountain plum), Zibärtle (Prunus domestica), Kirschwasser (cherry eau de vie) or mirabelle plum.