50 ml – RYE 093 • straight rye whiskey
30 ml – WERMUT EXTRA TROCKEN 015 • dry vermouth
15 ml – BASLER LANGSTIELER, WILD 503 • cherry eau-de-vie
5 ml – sugar syrup

The first version of this cocktail can be found in Jack’s Manual, written in 1908 by Jacob ‘Jack’ Karushko, and notably uses Italian Vermouth, given that the experts of the time generally felt that whiskey and French vermouth didn’t mix particularly well. Our take on this classic cocktail is not, as it was once described by David Wondrich in his book, Imbibe!, an ‘oddly accented Manhattan.’ Instead, we mix dry vermouth with rye whiskey and replace the traditional Maraschino liqueur with a spontaneously fermented cherry eau-de-vie. This results in a drink which is definitely drier than a Manhattan and also more complex than a traditional Brooklyn with a Maraschino.